There is now hope for addiction.
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Watch three individuals talk about
their journey to and through recovery.

Portraits Addiction is everyone's problem.
Portraits Addiction can also happen in your neighborhood.
Portraits Even strong people become addicted.

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Some people are naturally more prone to developing an opioid addiction than others. It is a chronic illness that consumes a person’s life. After an addiction has developed, life becomes centered on getting more of the drug, even at the expense of one’s family, job and health. A person who is addicted to a drug will risk almost anything to get more.


ASAP-BC is creating a system of support composed of resources for prevention, treatment and recovery as a comprehensive and effective response to the opioid crisis.

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Why I am working to become a Substance Abuse Counselor
April 3, 2018 By Jessica Gorham

My name is Jessica Gorham and I am a 26 year old graduate student at IUPUC enrolled in the Mental…

What is a Hub, and How is ASAP Working to Implement One?
February 22, 2018 By Rhonda Fischer

The Hub was first introduced to the public in October 2017 as a part of the Substance Abuse Support System. The Hub is center of the system and connects to all the other elements.

We have described the Hub as a “physical place staffed with trained volunteers who help individuals and families navigate recovery options and connect with appropriate community organizations”.

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