Alliance for Substance Abuse Progress

House Rules

Accountability in Recovery

The rules of the house help hold residents accountable to the group and to themselves. Residents will begin to develop a network of support in the recovery community that will support them as they gain independence, emotionally and financially. The rules of the house are designed to help all residents be successful in this phase of their lives.

House Rules

  • Commitment to a minimum six-month stay.
  • Must be sober and maintain sobriety; drug & alcohol testing will be performed frequently and at random or at the house manager’s discretion. Failure to submit testing will result in discharge.
  • Active participation in Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous or Celebrate Recovery, including at least five meetings weekly.
  • Employment of at least 32 hours weekly or reasonable combination of school, employment, volunteer work and intensive outpatient programming.
  • Holding a weekly service commitment in 12-Step fellowship or other approved community volunteer activity.
  • Attendance at the two weekly house meetings where group inventory and other house issues are discussed.
  • Active 12-Step sponsorship with required face-to-face weekly meetings. This sponsor must be experienced and capable of guiding the newly sober person through the 12 steps.
  • Residents will have house chores and cleanliness expectations.
  • Demonstrate a desire to grasp and develop a healthy sober life.

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