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What to Expect at the Family Hope and Support Group

January 24, 2018 By ASAP-BC

A support group meeting is held weekly at 5:30 p.m. at Mill Race Center for families who have a loved one misusing opioids. Here’s a little bit about what you can expect.

Who is invited to the group?
The Family Hope and Support Group is for family members or anyone who has a loved one who is misusing opioids.


I’ve never attended a support group. What is it like?
The support group is mostly discussion among attendees with an educational presentation during part of each meeting. Attendees are encouraged to share what they are comfortable sharing, but may choose to listen to others to show interest and support for those who are sharing.


Can my whole family come? Is it appropriate for kids?
The support group is geared toward adults who will be talking and listening for 90 minutes to information that is sensitive and private. For children, the family unit is the most appropriate setting to share and discuss information based on parental decisions of what the child is ready to hear and understand. Mature teenagers are invited to attend.


Is it only for families with loved ones addicted to opioids? What about other drugs?
The focus of this support group is opioid misuse. At the present time, the group is focused on information and support specific to opioid misuse.


How can I trust my information will be kept private?
At the beginning of each meeting, participants will be reminded that the identity of those who attend and what is said is not to be shared outside of the group meeting. Respect for ourselves and other members to respect privacy of the group is a guiding principle of the group.


Do I have to talk, or can I just sit and listen?
Attendees do not have to talk. Listening is a way to show support for those who choose to share their story. Being able to tell your story to others who are listening supports healing.


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