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Treatment Program Types

A variety of treatment methods are available for opioid use disorder and addiction. Treatment is typically individualized based on the patient in order to address their substance use as well as their physical, psychological, emotional and social needs.

  • Outpatient – Clients typically attend nine hours of treatment per week while living at home. Facilities may offer services on weekends and during the evenings to accommodate obligations, like school and work.
  • Intensive Outpatient – Clients typically attend intensive treatment sessions multiple times per week while living at home. This type of treatment is a better option for individuals who need multiple services or have accompanying medical or mental health concerns.
  • Residential – Clients live at the specialty facility providing treatment. Programs can last from one month to one year. These programs are very structured and help individuals focus on changing their behaviors and preparing for their return home.
  • Inpatient – Treatment is provided in specialty units of hospitals or medical clinics. These programs are typically best for people with serious medical conditions or mental health needs.
  • Medication-Assisted Treatment – MAT is an evidence-based treatment approach which combines medication, behavioral counseling and support to reduce cravings and prevent withdrawal symptoms and relapse. MAT is proven to be clinically effective in treating opioid addiction and may be used in combination with any of the treatment types listed above.

The Healthy Communities team at Columbus Regional Hospital has compiled a comprehensive resource guide for mental health and substance abuse providers in the Bartholomew County area. This guide includes addresses and phone numbers, credentials, insurance information and special Cover of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Resource Guide, October 2017therapeutic modalities for a broad range of providers:

  • Addiction Providers
  • Neuropsychological Providers
  • Psychiatric Providers
  • Outpatient Providers
  • Children Providers


Click on this link to download a PDF of the Mental Health and Substance Abuse Resource Guide.

Navigate online to treatment options available statewide through INconnect or LookUp.

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