Alliance for Substance Abuse Progress

Substance Abuse Advisory and Accountability Committee Meeting and ASAP

September 27, 2018 By ASAP-BC

Columbus, IN – The Alliance for Substance Abuse Progress (ASAP) has announced plans to continue serving the community in 2019 and beyond. ASAP was originally launched in April 2017 as a two-year initiative aimed at identifying and implementing solutions in response to the opioid crisis. ASAP unveiled their proposed plan for 2019, and a request for public funding, at the Substance Abuse Advisory and Accountability Committee (SAAAC) meeting held on Thursday at Columbus City Hall.

The proposal would enable ASAP to continue its work on an on-going basis, which includes the Substance Abuse Support System, as well as communications and community education. The proposal also includes the ASAP Hub, which will be a place where individuals and families can begin and/or receive ongoing support for a successful recovery journey. The ASAP Hub will have experienced, skilled staff and trained volunteers who understand the needs of Hub clients and the knowledge to productively link clients to existing and emerging community resources. The ASAP Hub will be located in the United Way Center Building.

In order to continue this important work in 2019 and beyond, the Alliance for Substance Abuse Progress, Inc. has been established as a nonprofit corporation. This provides the legal framework to establish ASAP as an ongoing legal entity, which will allow ASAP to accept funding from a variety of sources, and apply for state and federal grants.

“Over the past eighteen months, we have worked together with dozens of volunteers and community leaders to develop plans for the county’s Substance Abuse Support System. Our teams are currently launching many projects aimed at helping the women, men, and families suffering from substance use disorders, and the ASAP Hub is the heart of the system,” said Jeff Jones, Executive Lead for ASAP. “This work must continue, and I’m confident that the entire community will benefit from ASAP’s leadership in 2019 and beyond.”

At Thursday’s meeting, SAAAC recommended the proposal to the Substance Abuse Public Funding Board for review, which is the first step in the public funding process. Based on the outcome of the review by the Substance Abuse Public Funding Board, which is scheduled for Monday, October 15th, the funding decision will be considered by the City and County Councils later this year.