Alliance for Substance Abuse Progress

Project Prevent Media Campaign

March 22, 2019 By ASAP-BC

COLUMBUS, Ind. — The Alliance for Substance Abuse Progress (ASAP) is pleased to announce the launch of a media campaign aimed at reducing prescription opioid misuse among individuals ages 13-25 by communicating the real risks of using opioids not-as-prescribed and increasing the perceived relevance of those risks. Through paid media tactics, the campaign will deliver relevant and relatable facts that pique curiosity and drive the audience to deepen their comprehension of the messaging through an interactive web-based educational experience.

The media campaign, entitled “Project Prevent”, will launch Monday, March 25th.

“We have long recognized the need to communicate directly with the youth and young adults of our community in a thoughtful, engaging, and compelling way, and we are excited that the Project Prevent media campaign to allow us to do just that,” said Matthew Neville, Operations and Communications Manager for ASAP.

Based on audience research, the primary reason young people experiment with prescription opioids is because they do not realize the severity of the negative health implications of opioid use, including the drug’s similarities to heroin. Rather than use scare tactics that exclusively focus on overdose and death, individuals need better information and a stronger understanding of the substance and its risks to make healthier choices.

The goal for this media campaign is to provide foundational knowledge of what opioids are, what types of medications are considered opioids, including common brand and street names, and communicate the dangers of using opioids recreationally or not-as-prescribed, including heightened risks associated with combining opioids and alcohol.

“Prevention has always been one of the 4 pillars of ASAP, and I am thrilled to see the Project Prevent media campaign launch, and to continue our pursuit of making Bartholomew County the smartest community in the country about opioids,” said Jeff Jones, Executive Director of ASAP.

Funding for Project Prevent is made possible through the Mark and Wendy Elwood Substance Abuse Prevention Fund, managed by the Heritage Fund, the Community Foundation of Bartholomew County.