New Indiana Laws Will Make Accessing Substance Addiction Treatment Easier

June 3, 2019 By Mike Perleberg

A bill recently signed by Governor Eric Holcomb is expanding the number of opioid treatment centers in Indiana.


Prevention as the first line of defense

June 3, 2019 By Zara Greenbaum

“When we compare people who misuse opioids to people who take them as prescribed, there’s no significant difference in their physical pain levels,” says Eric Garland, PhD, LCSW, director of the Center on Mindfulness and Integrative Health Intervention Development at the University of Utah. “What does discriminate these patients is their emotional pain. That’s what seems to be driving this problem.”


How One Hospital Drastically Cut Opioid Prescriptions

May 31, 2019 By Leigh Denoon

As the opioid epidemic continues, hospitals are looking for new ways to treat pain and combat addiction. At Indiana University Health, which has 16 hospitals across the state, that means change. They’re cutting back on opioid prescriptions and giving more advice to patients.


CRH plans new substance abuse treatment center

May 30, 2019 By Andy East

The Columbus Regional Health Foundation will provide $2.1 million in funding to start a behavioral health clinic aimed at treating substance abuse disorders on an outpatient basis in Columbus.

“Substance abuse is a community issue,” Columbus Regional Health President and CEO Jim Bickel said. “It’s not just a health system issue. It’s not just a law enforcement issue or a judicial issue. It spans across the community.”


The Opioid Crisis: Beyond just jail

May 28, 2019 By Thomas Miklovich

My disease had led to me becoming mired in addiction, legal trouble, debt, poverty, any one of which would be a formidable obstacle to health and happiness. Dealing with all of them at once, not to mention the depression, anxiety, and isolation that so often follows can seem downright impossible.

This is a daily reality for many people. For a long time, it was mine. Fortunately, I found the right help for the right problems at the right time.


Indiana’s Opioid Crisis Is Leading to More Organ Donations

May 28, 2019 By WXIN

Across the nation, the opioid epidemic has gripped communities, creating various effects, one being increased organ donors. Indiana doctors, coroners and organ donor organizations have all seen this new trend rise in the Hoosier State.


Tech start-ups tackle US opioid crisis

May 26, 2019 By Hannah Kuchler

Technology companies are betting that their insights into human behaviour can help opioid addicts to recover, as the government, doctors and health insurers hunt for new ways to manage the devastating public health crisis.


Facebook introduces anti-stigma campaign to ‘Stop Opioid Silence’

May 21, 2019 By Kyle O'Brien

‘Stop Opioid Silence’ (SOS) features compelling stories of hope, loss and recovery, which Facebook hopes will inspire others to break their silence in the fight toward ending this epidemic.

The campaign aims to encourage people to learn they’re not alone and to feel empowered to share their stories with each other, a medical professional, or family and friend – whether they have grappled with opioid addiction or have a loved one that has struggled.


How One County Reduced Opioid Deaths By 50%

May 21, 2019 By Kelly Burch

One county in rural Vermont reduced opioid overdose deaths by 50% last year, using a combination of strategies meant to stop opioid abuse and reduce harm to people who choose to continue using.


The line between pain relief, addiction

May 20, 2019 By Dr. Vivek Iyer

Our nation’s opioid crisis will not be solved overnight or by regulations alone. At the core of this crisis is the need for doctors and patients to develop stronger relationships built on trust, transparency and an understanding of how and when opioids should be used.