‘Just a little bit will do ya’: Dangerous opioid creeping into street drugs causing unexpected overdoses

February 17, 2019 By Mike Sullivan

A deadly opioid is finding its way into other drugs and causing unexpected overdoses in central Indiana.

Local drug harm prevention groups say they are finding fentanyl in nearly every drug but marijuana.


ASAP hires leader for its Hub

February 14, 2019 By Staff Reports

The Alliance for Substance Abuse Progress has hired a leader for its ASAP Hub, a recovery support center where individuals and families can begin or receive ongoing support for a successful recovery.

Nathan Walsh is the new Hub manager, joining the ASAP team at the end of February.


Indy coffee shop is the newest place to offer life-saving drug naloxone

February 12, 2019 By Mike Sullivan

A coffee shop on the near east side of Indianapolis has a hidden menu, but what you will find on it is an item you would never expect. It’s the life-saving drug naloxone.

Rabble Coffee is giving free nasal sprays of the opiate overdose reversal drug. The product, also known by the brand name Narcan, is in high demand due to the opioid epidemic going on across the country.


Opioid deaths study points to opportunities for earlier intervention to prevent fatalities

February 11, 2019 By Staff Reports

Rhode Island implemented treatment for opioid use disorders across every jail and prison in the state. A year after they implemented the program, overdose deaths following release decreased by 60 percent. Overdose deaths statewide decreased by 12 percent. In Minnesota, treatment for opioid use disorder is rarely available during incarceration or immediately after release.


ASAP moves forward with Hub

February 9, 2019 By Mark Webber

Bartholomew County and Columbus officials have agreed to split the cost of the the Alliance for Substance Abuse Progress’ Hub, commissioner Carl Lienhoop said.

Besides the Hub, additional funding will also allow the transformation of the alliance, known as ASAP, from a government/health care alliance into an ongoing 501(C)(3) nonprofit corporation.


Indiana drug czar sees ‘encouraging signs’ in fight against epidemic

February 8, 2019 By David Williams

Indiana’s drug czar, Jim McClelland, said he has seen encouraging signs in the state’s efforts to fight the drug epidemic.

“There’s a lot of activity, on a lot of fronts. We are way beyond where we were two years ago, we still have a long way to go,” McClelland said.


Dentists Being Encouraged to Take a Proactive Role in Addiction Prevention

February 8, 2019 By KOH News

Dental professionals are being encouraged to take a more proactive role in addiction prevention. Dentists write 12 percent of all opioid prescriptions. While often necessary to combat dental pain, opioids come with a high risk of misuse.


City approves addiction treatment funding

February 6, 2019 By Staff Reports

Funding for two programs to increase access to opioid addiction treatment are receiving financial support from the city.

The Columbus City Council approved requests on first reading Tuesday for nearly $300,000 in funding for an adult drug court and a women’s addiction treatment center.


Five Things Anyone Can Do To Combat Opioid Deaths

February 6, 2019 By Robin Newhouse, Dean, Indiana University School of Nursing

1. Get trained on naloxone use.
2. Educate yourself about treatment programs.
3. Acknowledge that addiction is a disease.
4. Support local non-profits active in supporting those with suffering from addiction.
5. Urge lawmakers to stay focused on addressing the opioid crisis, while adapting to new information.


How Employers Can Tackle Opioid Abuse in the Workplace

February 6, 2019 By Nicole Hare-Everline

The opioid epidemic has major social implications with skyrocketing addiction rates and overdose deaths devastating individual lives, families, and entire communities. But what’s often overlooked is the damage the opioid epidemic has on businesses, as well as the role employers can play in helping to address—and stem—opioid addiction among their employees.