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The Role of the Pharmacist in the Care of Patients with Chronic Pain

April 30, 2021 By Murphy L, Ng K, Isaac P, Swidrovich J, Zhang M, Sproule BA

Pharmacists across the healthcare continuum are well positioned to collaborate with patients to effectively manage their chronic pain. Evidence supports positive outcomes when pharmacists undertake these roles; however, there are barriers preventing uptake across the profession.


8 keys to end the nation’s drug-overdose epidemic

April 30, 2021 By Timothy M. Smith

At a virtual meeting of the annual Rx Drug Abuse & Heroin Summit, the AMA’s president, Susan R. Bailey, MD, and director of science and drug policy, Amy B. Cadwallader, PhD, summarized the steps that must be taken at the policy level, in the community and in the exam room to reduce morbidity and mortality from drug overdose.


Substance abuse treatment program for first responders launches in Indianapolis

April 28, 2021 By Laura French

A substance abuse treatment program specifically designed for first responders launched at a recovery center in Indianapolis this week.


It’s time to spring clean your medicine cabinet

April 25, 2021 By Kathy Goul

More sunlight and warmer temperatures boost our spirits and give us the energy to give our homes a good, spring cleaning. As we go down our list of cleaning out closets and cupboards, one place that is often overlooked is our medicine cabinet.


‘Nerve Zap’ Pain Treatment Could Cut Need for Opioids After Surgeries

April 21, 2021 By Sarah D. Collins

An emerging technology could zap your post-op pain away — little or no opioids needed.

The technique is called percutaneous peripheral nerve stimulation. It involves inserting a small wire next to a nerve and using a stimulator to deliver a mild electrical current to the affected area, interrupting pain transmission.


A Pandemic of Grief

April 19, 2021 By The Fix Staff

Pain — whether physical, mental or emotional — can cause people to seek out relief. Too often they find it by using or abusing opioids or other drugs.


Why Adolescence Matters in Preventing Substance Abuse

April 19, 2021 By Deborah Farmer Kris

In order to understand people who develop substance abuse disorders as adults, it’s important to recognize when they were first exposed. The majority of adults who develop substance abuse disorders first used drugs or alcohol during adolescence.


Safer Medication Storage Tips for Older Adults

April 19, 2021 By Gilmer Mirror

It is common to keep medications in easy-to-reach locations, like the kitchen counter, medicine cabinet or bedside table. While convenient, this can result in easy access for others in the home, such as children, grandchildren or caregivers.


Pinnacle Treatment Centers Breaks Ground in Martinsville

April 16, 2021 By Mary Roberts

Pinnacle Treatment Centers, a provider of substance abuse treatment, has broken ground on a comprehensive treatment campus and recovery community in Martinsville. Phase One of Recovery Works Martinsville is a 64-bed drug and alcohol addiction residential treatment center.


The adolescent and the medicine cabinet

April 6, 2021 By Jessica B. Calihan, MD, MS , Rachael H. Alinsky, MD, MPH , Pamela A. Matson, PhD, MPH

Although the home should be a safe place, many families do not realize the potential danger hidden in their medicine cabinets.