Alliance for Substance Abuse Progress

Mission & Guiding Principles


The Alliance for Substance Abuse Progress (ASAP) leads the effort to identify and establish system-wide solutions to substance misuse and substance use disorders.  It is a partner in advocacy, education and support for the health of our community and every person in it.

Guiding Principles

  • ASAP will be accountable to our community.
  • ASAP will be financially responsible and sustainable.
  • ASAP believes substance use disorder is a chronic brain disease.
  • ASAP believes that, like most other chronic diseases, prevention of substance use disorder is far more beneficial and less costly to the individual and society than the illness and its treatment.
  • ASAP will ensure our practices and recommendations are guided by evidence and will evolve as new evidence emerges.
  • ASAP will advocate for policies and practices that ensure every individual has access to treatment and support services.
  • ASAP believes in each person and their ability to succeed in recovery.
  • ASAP believes there are many paths to recovery, and recovery is a life-long journey.
  • ASAP will support individuals, families and caregivers in their journey to become and stay healthy and to lead productive and meaningful lives.
  • ASAP will promote knowledge and education as a means to eliminate stigma associated with substance use disorders.

The Prevention and Recovery System for Bartholomew County consists of ten critical elements essential to a comprehensive approach to preventing, intervening in, treating and providing recovery services for substance abuse. By building processes that connect the critical elements, we will establish a cohesive system which provides high quality support to those in need.

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